Support Pitney Farm at 9/8 Mendham Twp Meeting

In the last few months, progress has been made in our effort to save Pitney Farm from public auction.  With your help, we may be poised for success in our effort to SAVE PITNEY FARM from demolition.

We need to pack the room one more time and show the Mendham Twp Committee that the community wants Pitney Farm to be used for the public benefit, rather than put into the hands of developers who will build yet more houses.  We urge you to come at 7:00 PM (a bit earlier than usual) on Tuesday, September 8th, to the Mendham Town Hall, 2 West Main Street, Brookside, NJ.

On 7/15/15, the Mendham Twp Planning Board, along with the Friends of Pitney Farm, unanimously recommended to the Mendham Twp Committee that the proposed Ordinance 6-2015 to re-zone Pitney Farm for residential redevelopment was inconsistent with the Township’s Master Plan.  The Master Plan states that the most often and strongly expressed planning goal of Township residents is to preserve the traditional rural/historic character of the Township.

Following the strong show of community support for Pitney Farm at the Planning Board meeting, a proposal was made to the Friends of Pitney Farm at the 7/28/15 Mendham Twp Committee meeting, offering the Friends a 99-year lease of the property.  The Friends of Pitney Farm have been asked by the Mendham Twp Committee to present their Business Plan for operating and preserving this pre-Revolutionary treasure at the September 8th Mendham Twp Committee meeting.  Your presence at the 9/8/15 meeting is pivotal to saving Pitney Farm.

The Friends, partnering with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, have a detailed and well-researched Business Plan for operating Pitney Farm on a sustainable fiscal basis.  We have a strong vision, based on community input, for how to use this property as a center for the arts and education to benefit the community, providing programming in dance, graphic arts, music, and theater for our children, families and seniors, as well as needed meeting and event space.  We have already received pledges of financial support.

It looks like our effort to save Pitney Farm is swinging in our favor.  We need you to come next Tuesday at 7:00 PM to show the Mendham Twp Committee that leasing this priceless remnant of our heritage to the Friends of Pitney Farm is the right thing to do.