Pitney Farm Needs You on 12/14/15


The Friends of Pitney Farm have developed a detailed, sustainable Business Plan for managing and restoring all 12 acres of Pitney Farm with its grounds, gardens, and historic buildings to provide extraordinary cultural and educational benefits to the community. The Friends’ 86-page Business Plan will be presented at the December 14 Mendham Township Committee meeting.

All Mendham citizens are encouraged to attend the December 14th meeting at 7:30 PM at the Town Hall in Brookside to support the preservation of this irreplaceable remnant of our pre-Revolutionary history.  The complete business plan is available for preview on the Pitney Farm web site at the Business Plan Page.  It is also available on the Mendham Township web site.

The Friends’ plan is financially sustainable and will relieve the Township of all financial obligations to maintain the grounds and buildings, and provide income to Mendham Township from annual lease payments made by the Friends.  This plan is the better alternative to rezoning and selling the Pitney Farm property because it will allow the entire community to benefit from its investment in the property through the many programs Pitney Farm can provide, the many group activities it can host, and the enhancement to Mendham Township’s standing that this facility can bring.

Mendham Township Committeeman Frank Cioppettini proposed a 99-year lease of the 5 acres of Pitney Farm to the Friends of Pitney Farm at the 7/28/2015 Mendham Township Committee meeting.  The Friends of Pitney Farm have a detailed, sound business plan for managing and restoring Pitney Farm and are ready to negotiate a lease with Mendham Township that will meet known community needs and save Pitney Farm at no cost to taxpayers.