FOPF Statement on Proposed Subdivision of Pitney Farm

The Friends of Pitney Farm, Inc. (FOPF) support Mendham Township’s proposed subdivision of the 12.2-acre Pitney Farm property into three lots (7.1 acres of designated open space; 1.5 acres for municipal purposes; 3.6 acres for sale for residential purposes). FOPF believe the subdivision is an important step toward the community utilizing the Pitney Farm property. The subdivision would allow FOPF to pursue its conceptual plan, “The Pitney Farm Park and Homestead,” unveiled to the public in May 2017. We hope to begin discussions with the Township Committee soon. Our plan calls for creation and maintenance of a public park on the 7.1-acre open space lot, and the rehabilitation of the surviving section of the original homestead on the 1.5-acre municipal lot adjacent to the open space. The renovated homestead would complement the surrounding public park, and provide limited community meeting space and allow for a place to display Mendham’s rich historical past.

Omie E. M. Ryan


Friends of Pitney Farm, Inc.

October 31, 2017