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Friends of Pitney Farm is a non-profit corporation and relies on memberships and donations to preserve and manage the Pitney Farm homestead.  Friends of Pitney Farm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

Donate by check payable to:  “Friends of Pitney Farm, Inc.,” and mail to Treasurer, PO Box 532, Mendham, NJ 07945.

Donations can also be made at PayPal (the Donate button below) from your PayPal account or by credit card. For credit card, click continue after the the prompt “Use your credit card or bank account (where available)“.

Please tell us about yourself on the Form found in the Get Involved page.

Thank you for supporting the Friends of Pitney Farm. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

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Why make a donation to save and re-purpose Pitney Farm?

Here’s what some of your neighbors have said:

  • “As a young lad, I remember going to Pitney Farm to get a turkey for Thanksgiving.  For me, Pitney Farm is a symbol of service and food for the community and needs to be preserved for future generations.”  Robert Willis, Mendham, NJ
  • “Pitney Farm is an irreplaceable gem, right in our own backyard.  The deep historical significance of Pitney Farm must not be underestimated.  With its beautiful open spaces, wonderful gardens and intriguing buildings, Pitney Farm could be a terrific place for us to explore and learn about Mendham’s role in the history of New Jersey.”   Elisabeth H. MacDonald, Mendham, NJ
  • “My husband and I would welcome the addition of a community garden and gardening classes for people of all ages in this centrally located, irreplaceable property.” Kathryn Schumacher, Mendham, NJ
  • “My family and I firmly believe in saving Pitney Farm.  The historian in me says that in saving Pitney Farm we reinvest in something that is uniquely Mendham.   The humanist in me says that by preserving Pitney Farm we not only improve the quality of life by using this historic site for the Township’s use but also preserving a ‘sense of place”  for our generation and those generations that follow.” Linda J. Perkins, Mendham, NJ  

  • I want to have a place in the center of Mendham where children and adults can take art classes and we can enjoy shows by local artists and students in the Pitney Farm gallery space.” Jane Shatz, Executive Director, Morris County Arts Workshop
  • “Every time my group wants to hold an arts or other event, we struggle to find a place that is big enough.  Opening Pitney Farm up for community use would solve that problem.  Finally, Mendham Township and Mendham Borough would have some real meeting and event space!” Tom Werder, Executive Director, Morris Arts
  • “My family is into music.  I’m imagining small concerts in the Pitney Farm music room — chamber music or perhaps a choral group.  So close to home.  Sounds great to us.” Amy Burns, Music Educator, Far Hills, NJ
  • “Pitney Farm is a truly unique asset that could make Mendham Township an even more special town if handled properly. The farm tells the history of Mendham in its architecture and gardens. It should be  highlighted and promoted. I am shocked that our town government would even consider selling to a developer and potentially/probably losing it.” Teresa Finlay, Mendham Township, NJ