Save the Farm

On April 13th, the Mendham Township Committee ignored a packed house of Pitney supporters and expert historic preservationists who want to save Pitney Farm and use it to benefit the community.  Instead, the committee directed the Township Attorney to pursue the sale of the property at public auction.

This puts Pitney Farm at grave risk of being sold to developers.  At the committee’s direction, the Town Engineer drew up two proposals to remove all the historic structures and build as many houses as the property can hold.

Now is the time to tell the Mendham Township Committee to step back and listen to the voices of the community to save Pitney Farm.  We won’t get a chance once the sale is in motion.

The Mendham Township Committee consists of: Chris Baumann, Mayor; Frank V. Cioppettini, Jr., Deputy Mayor; Diana Orban Brown; Maribeth Thomas; and Samuel K. Tolley.  

Click on the following link to e-mail all of them:,,,,

Using this link will send a copy to the Friends of Pitney Farm so that we can track public support.

It would be helpful to also send your letter to the editor of the Observer-Tribune:

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