Friends of Pitney Farm depends on its volunteers to first acquire, then oversee the preservation and restoration, and finally re-purpose the historic 1720s farmstead to provide community programs and events. 

If you would like to join us in this valuable work, you can contact us through the form on the Get Involved page.

At this moment, as we are seeking to inform the community about the need to save Pitney Farm and obtain the funding needed to acquire the historic farmstead, we need your help in many areas:  fund raising, writing articles for this web site, producing or writing our e-newsletter, publicity, media relations, IT administration, public advocacy, and networking.  You or someone you know may have experience in one or more of these areas.  We need your help to acquire this irreplaceable treasure.

Once the Friends of Pitney Farm has acquired the property, we will be calling on interested members of the community to share other skills having to do with the preservation and restoration of the farmstead and putting it to new uses to provide programming and services that our children, families and seniors want and need.

Join us in this venture. Make new friends.  Make a difference.  Sign up on the Get Involved page.  Thank you.