Get Involved

Pitney Farm can become a vital and valued center for cultural, educational, and community programming and events for the Mendhams.  It can be the active hive of learning and “what’s happening,” available for conferences, weddings, parties, meetings, as well as providing a permanent home for the historical, horticultural, and other organizations in Mendham Township and Mendham Borough.

But that can only happen if we all pull together.  You can make all the difference. Here’s how:

The most important thing you can do, as we seek to save Pitney Farm from demolition, is to come to Mendham Township Committee meetings, step up to the mike during public comment time and speak a few words about the need to save Pitney Farm.

All of the pages in this “Get Involved” website area will give you the information you need to volunteer or become a member of the Friends of Pitney Farm, or to send a message to the people who can influence whether Pitney Farm is saved and used for community benefit — or lost forever.  Pitney Farm is an irreplaceable pre-Revolutionary treasure than can be adaptively re-used to provide services, programs, and events that our citizens want and need.  We ask for your help. Thank you.