Come to a Mendham Township Committee Meeting

Come to Mendham Township Committee meetings, step up to the mic during public comment time, and speak a few words about the need to save Pitney Farm.

This is the most important thing you can do to save Pitney Farm.  Speak a few words from your heart or a few more from jotted down notes.  Pitney Farm is worth it. Mendham Township Committee meetings take place at the Town Hall, 2 West Main Street, 2nd Floor, Brookside, 07926.  Meetings are scheduled every two weeks, usually on the 2nd Monday and the 4th Tuesday at 7:30PM.   Look up the day and time of the next meeting at the Mendham Township website.

Please tell us about yourself on the Form found in the Get Involved page.

These are the benefits that the Friends of Pitney Farm anticipate if we are able to restore and manage Pitney Farm :

  1. It would result in more services to the community — and a stronger community — because the Friends of Pitney Farm will improve the facilities for the community’s benefit, transforming the 1720s Pitney homestead into a venue for cultural and educational programming for children, adults and seniors, community meeting and event space, and a permanent home for Mendham’s community groups.
  2. It would result in better management of the property because the Friends of Pitney Farm will dedicate its full attention and full resources to preserving, restoring, and making maximum community use of the property.
  3. It would bring significant funds into Mendham Township from non-municipal sources because the nonprofit Friends of Pitney Farm will seek significant historic preservation and other funding from non-municipal public and private sources, eliminating the current Mendham Township expenditures to maintain the Pitney Farm buildings.
  4. Transferring ownership to the Friends allows the Township’s Pitney debt to be reduced and decreases the Mendham Township debt-servicing costs, significantly reducing that outflow of Mendham Township funds every year.

See our VISION page.